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Monday, November 27, 2017   /   by Kathryn Jones

How Healthy is the Big Bear Market?

As soon as people know I'm a REALTOR®, the first question typically is "How is the market?" I have surmised that they ask for one of the following reasons:

They really want to know the answer
They can't think of anything else to ask me
To see if I actually know, or will just make something up
Maybe they're thinking of buying or selling in the near future
That's what they're supposed to ask

So, for four out of five categories, I have the answer. Those of you who are in category three will just have to live with the disappointment.

2017 is the best year since 2012. Our Big Bear market has shown a steady increase since 2014 as evidenced by the graphic and numbers below.

Note: These have been pulled directly from the Big Bear MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) and are limited to single-family residences.  

Here are the actual numbers

By The Numbers


1052 Sales


1206 Sales


1034 S ...

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